Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm in the pink.

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 4/19 is 10 Things You Love About Your Family.

1)  The Lake - my parents have a cottage at a lake and as a child (thru high school) I spent every summer hanging out by the water.

2)  VT - I have relatives in VT and also spent lots of time on a dairy farm which was very different than CT.

3)  Puzzles - we used to do puzzles all the time.  For a few years, my sister and I used to give them to each other as gifts and start them right after we got them (as soon as dinner was done and the table was clear, the puzzles came out).  We would spend hours gathered around the table doing puzzles.

4)  They don't mind the animals I tend to collect which now includes 3 cats and a Goldfish.

5)  Weekly dinner - once a week we all gather for dinner, my parents, me, my sister and her two kids who are now 20 and 22.

6)  Supportive - they are there when we need them, whether its an ear to listen to a problem, money to loan when it's needed or to just quietly sit there and not say a word.

7)  They put up with the large yarn and fiber stash and try not to complain too much about the space it takes up.

8)  Holidays - always know where we will be on a holiday, with family and sometimes friends of family members also are welcomed to join in.

9)  Craftiness - my father likes to build things (we describe what type of bookcase, few weeks later we have it), my grandmother made crochet afghans and baby items, my mother knit but mostly now does embroidery.  My sister and I knit.

10)  They are there when I need them.


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