Sunday, July 18, 2010

Knitting camp

I won this bottle of wine in a raffle right before we left camp for home.  Camp was very nice, it was hot but there is a breeze at the camp that made if feel much better.  Each of our rooms had a ceiling fan which helps and then I think everyone brought their own fans.  I never used mine, it wasn't too bad at night.  Thursday night is movie night and we watched "The Wedding Date".  Friday night is Bingo and I won a few times.  Saturday night is the fashion show but we didn't have models this year so everything was laid out and one of the campers modeled everything we wanted to see.  It seemed a little more humid that night so we just relaxed.

For knitting, I didn't do anything I had planned.  Didn't even start Hamamelis or the socks or the other shawl even though they were all with me.  I worked on the Daybreak shawl and the Turbulent Indigo scarf.  I bought a few things on shopping day, a mitten kit, knitting bag and a magazine and a pattern from the yarn shop.  Two skeins of sock yarn from Ellen Coopers Yarn Sonnets which will be shawlettes, I think.  And a pretty blue pair of earrings from a fellow camper.  I think that was it.  I noticed a screw in one of my front tires during the weekend so I also now have a new set of tires.  I was sick on Sunday and didn't feel well on Monday either.  Not sure if it was a bug or something I ate which didn't agree with me.  No one else was sick so I am thinking it may be something I ate that I probably shouldn't have.

I have now finished the Turbulent Indigo scarf and it is blocking.  I started a baby sweater and then I still have Daybreak to work on.  I've finished 4 of the 10 books on my Ten on Tuesday books to read over the summer list.  Now I am onto some library books and will eventually get back to my list again.


At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Geri said...

We should have a campers' reunion so you can break open the wine! You know we'd just love to share!

At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Geri said...

We should have a knitting camp reunion so you can break open the wine. We'd love to share :)


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