Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The topic for 7/20 is 10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip. We went camping every summer from the time I was 6 months old till I was about 19. This list is a compilation of what was brought over the years.

1) A good book or two
2) Sunscreen
3) Bug spray
4) Flashlights and the Coleman lantern which gave a lot of light for playing cards at night.
5) Sleeping bags and blankets
6) The dining fly - good for rainy days.  We had a large dining fly with sides which was great for bad  
7) The kitchen cabinet - my father built this cabinet which was rectangular and large, probaby 2 feet by 3
    feet, it kept the food hidden from the raccoons and usually was on a picnic table under the dining fly.
8) Sweatshirts for the cold nights
9) Our bicycles
10) The dog, I think we may even have brought the cat a time or two.

We had a pop up camper while I was younger but then my parents sold that and would sleep on mattresses in the back of the pickup truck while my sister and I had a tent.


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