Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 7/6 is 10 Ways to Enjoy Summer.

1) Sit outside in the shade and knit away.

2) Sit outside in the shade and read.

3) Go to my parents cottage and hang out.

4) Go out for ice cream - there is a place near my parents cottage that sells yummy ice cream.

5) Half Day Fridays - at work we make up the time during the rest of the week and leave at noon on Friday

6) Pool Partys - a past co-worker has a pool and has a pool party on one of our half day Fridays. She was layed off in the fall but still wants to have it this year. She's done it for about 2 or 3 years though I went for the first time last year.

7) Enjoy driving with the sunroof's (my car has two) open on the back roads.

8) Drink more Ice Tea and Lemonade - for some reason it tastes better in the summer.

9) Eat Watermelon, it also tastes better in the summer.

10) Go to Knit Camp - I leave Thursday morning - picture above is of the pool area.  My feet may dangle in it this year as we are having a heat wave.  My knitting projects to bring still undecided. I spent hours over the past week on Ravelry looking up patterns. Started a Daybreak Shawl out of Silky Wool and Noro Silk Garden Lite, ripped once as I just couldn't find the stitches for the M1's that I needed to do. So far, it is working, though I am not in love with it.  Also started a Turbulent Indigo scarf out of some Mini Mochi.
I still plan to work on Hamamelis though I haven't started it yet.  I don't think I will bring the sweater for my mother as I haven't measured her for it and will probably just wait till later on in the summer.  I also haven't started the socks and I also have yarn for another shawl wound and ready so I am still up in the air.  Decisions, decisions and only a day or so to make up my mind.


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