Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and recap of 2009

Here are 3 of my last projects for 2009.  The scarf was the Seafoam scarf and it went to my sister for Xmas.  The mittens are the Breathe Deep mittens by Through the Loops and they went to my niece for Xmas.  The vest was finished a few days after Xmas and that is now my mother's.  She received a buttonhole swatch with one button sewed on and the rest of the buttons in a baggie for Xmas.

I also finished 2 hats and will post that info on another date. 

I spent today ripping out two projects that will never be fnished (one was a baby hat and the other was a scarf).   I also worked on a languishing Fiddlesticks Knitting pattern.  I have to block the two sides of the stole and then add a ruffle (in two sections) and I think that will be my Olympic project, to finish that up.  I may work on it ahead and then start something else then, it depends on if I can find the ruffle yarn and when I can get the sides blocked.  I am not sure where I put it.  The only other projects on the needles besides the Fiddlesticks stole are my Silk Diamonds Scarf (going into hibernation until the urge to work on it comes back), and a new Seafoam scarf I started out of a sock yarn (lost the tag) and it will be work knitting when I go back to work next week.  I do have a short sleeved wool cardigan that I plan to start for me.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow.  It is a top down and will be good to have on the needles as it doesn't look too difficult to put down and pick back up time allows.  I also plan to finally block my Spring Things Shawl that has been done for months just waiting to be blocked.

To finish off this year, I knit 40 projects (counting all the mice as one project).  Some where started in 2008 but finished in 2009.  The breakdown goes:

Felted Bag - 1
Cowls - 10
Hats - 4
Headbands - 4
Mittens - 1
Scarfs - 5
Shawls - 5
Vest - 1
Soap Holder - 1
Sony MP3 holder - 1
Poncho - 1
Catnip Mice - 11
Sweaters:  Child size - 3
                 Baby - 1
                 Adult - 1

With the cable internet and the new Ipod, I have become addicted to Podcasts.  I have been trying out different ones and deciding which ones I want to subscribe to and which ones really don't interest me.  I have branched out to a few non knitting ones also.  I received a portable battery operated speaker for Xmas (I bought it and had my father give it to me, planned for my Sony MP3 as I didn't have the Ipod then) but it has come in handy, I have been using it daily.  I have also ordered a larger speaker one that isn't battery operated and that should come next week.

Have a very happy, healther New Year!  We had snow again today so it looks like winter again.


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