Monday, June 15, 2009

Meret Beret

Here's another Meret Beret. This one is for a co-worker for her birthday. I have cast on a scarf sized Flower Basket shawl/scarf by Fiber Trends for her next. My computer is acting up so I can't update anything on Ravelry. It does this every now and then and then it will start working again. If it still doesn't work tomorrow, I will delete all the cookies and stuff on the computer even though then other stuff starts to act up. I got this computer in 2005 and even though I am still on dial-up it should still work. Oh, well it gets me off the computer and back to reading and knitting quickly every day. I am hooked on the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse books and want to finish them all before I start watching the first season of True Blood DVD that I bought.

Ulmus is still my lunch knitting though and I hope to keep that up till at least the weekend. My Selbu Modern beret is waiting a little while, the small needles cramp up my hands.


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