Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm One!

Kayla is now 1. She was born the first week in June according to the rescue I took her home from. This picture was taken in the middle of May. I still call them the kittens but they are both one now. Neither one is as large as the 17 year old male is though Kayla is tubby and Juliet is long and lean.

As for knitting, I finished a Meret beret today and it is blocking. I still haven't blocked the shawl that has been done for a few weeks. Maybe Friday as I have the afternoon off to take my mother to an appointment. I have started a Selbu Modern hat today in pink and blue.

Yesterday was our last Spinning guild meeting till October. I bought a gorgeous purple angora/wool yarn from Woolybuns. I also won a prize in the scotch auction they have every meeting. I don't think I have personally won in over a year though I did have a friend who had to leave and left me with her tickets and she won. My prize was a Knitspot pattern and a gorgeous merino/tencel yarn from The Painted Sheep.

Not much knitting this weekend as I bought a new cell phone yesterday and have spent both days talking with tech and getting it set up. Along with a bunch of texting before and after I brought it home. It is as set up as it is going to get for a while as my hands now hurt from holding it and playing with it all day.


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