Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old Shale Shawl

This is the Old Shale Shawl that was in Spin-Off magazine. I used some Frog Tree Alpaca from the stash.

I have finished the Flower Basket shawl/scarf today and it is now blocking. I used a heavier weight yarn and size 10 needles. I did 6 repeats of the pattern for the scarf though it only called for 4. I think I would have run out of yarn if I tried to do a 7th. It measures about sixty inches across so it came out more small shawl sized which will work for my friend.

I hope to finish my Ulmus by next Sunday so I can block it and bring it to Knitting camp for the fashion show they have every year. I am on the border and now I have to pay more attention to the pattern as it has changed from the main pattern which had become repeative and I could figure out by looking at it.

I still haven't figured out what I am bringing to camp. I am off tomorrow and will really have to sit down and figure out some options. I may bring one small shoulder shawl by Knitspot which will be for another co-worker. I want to bring a non lace project to work on when I really don't want to be tied to a chart. I had a vest planned but now don't really want to make it. I may start a top down sweater which will be mindless enough that I can knit it while chatting. The projects will change depending on the weather forecast for when I am there. If it is hot and humid, there will be no sweater project. I may have to start something child sized instead. My second Ulmus may be an option. So, I may bring: Knitspot shawl, Ulmus number 2, adult sweater or child sweater project. Those 3 should be enough for 4 days.


At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you made a "Shawl that Jazz" yet? I started one a while ago and put it down. I'm thinking it's going to be a good camp project.


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