Wednesday, June 03, 2009

FO - Daisy Cardigan

This is called the Daisy Cardigan but I forgot all about embroidering some flowers on it. I was so happy is done and now mailed off. I have lots more kids stuff planned but in different yarns and colors besides white and pink. The cardigan was also supposed to have picot edges but they just didn't look right so I just went with some easy rolled edges. I also just put on crochet ties instead of knitting them into the bind off. I like this sweatr and will make in in another color sometime with the embroidery added.

Still plugging away on Ulmus and the Meret beret. This weekend I will block the Old Shale shawl. I do have Spinning guild on Saturday so that will take part of my day. Not sure how long I will stay as I have some more stuff to do at home.


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