Monday, June 01, 2009

Loopy Groupie

I ordered from Loopy Ewe last week and must have hit the magic number because I got the Loopy Groupie package. A calender, skein of sock yarn, sock pattern, tote bag and a little bag of hershey's kisses. Along with that was the skein of yarn that I bought (for another Ulmus) and a Knitspot pattern.

I finished the baby sweater and it has been mailed off, pictures soon. Today the mail brought a large Pampers box of yarn, needles, buttons, books and a knitting bag from my friend. It was the rest of her MIL's knitting items. It is all to be donated (along with the rest of the her white yarn) to a senior home near me. I have a bunch of yarn that is also going along.

I finished a shawl and need to block it. I have since started a beret for a friend for her birthday in July (I think). She has mentioned when I would wear my berets that she would like one. She would also like a shawl and I had some red put away for a scarf for her so instead she will get a Forest Canopy shawl (for Xmas) as I have just enough to make one and I will probably start it at camp. I knit almost all of mine at camp a few years ago.

Beyond that, Ulmus is still my work knitting and will continue till it gets too big or I finish the beret whichever comes first. Then I will start another childs sweater for the friend above as I have some more yarn to use up and the baby items are fun to make. I am planning to start a vest for me but I have Amy at Spunky Eclectic dyeing up the contrast yarn for me and that should arrive before the 4th of July.


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