Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

A co-worker received these flowers on Administrative Professionals Day. They were the most beautiful flowers I have seen in a while. The colors were so vibrant, just gorgeous. I grabbed my camera and told her I just had to take pictures of her flowers. She took them home that day so I was glad I did.

I did a quick trip to MA Sheep and Wool on Saturday and then stopped at Webs on my way home. Saw some cute sheep and a few people I knew and shopped a little.

Finished two projects, one is blocking and one will block next weekend. I have started an Ulmus shawl, ripped it out at least 3 times but seem to be on the correct path right now. It is a fun knit and I have at least 2 more planned.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial day. The sun is finally out here in CT and it is just beautiful out.


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