Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catnip Mice, finally done and being enjoyed

I have been slowly cleaning up my room (tons of yarn and patterns laying around) so that it can be painted. I found the bag of catnip mice and sewed and stuffed them this afternoon. They were a hit with the kittens. The old cat (going to be 17) couldn't be bothered with them.
For other knitting, my work shawl (Old Shale from Spin Off) has about 20 rows or less left to knit. I hope to finish it over the 4 day (hopefully will have Friday off, too) weekend next weekend. The other shawl will probably have the pieces finished next weekend. I finished reading the instructions though and I still have 2 ruffle sections to knit after it is sewed together. One is about 440 stitches and 10 rows, the other is a little less and also 10 rows. That will take me awhile. I am not looking forward to picking up all those stitches.
The baby sweater I worked on a little yesterday. I hope to get that mostly done next weekend also. I was hoping to work on it today but my mother had been knitting a felted bag and I had to do the whole bottom which had the decreases. That is now finished up also except for the felting.
I have all this knitting planned for next weekend and I just hope I stay home long enough to get some done. Friday (if we have it off), I plan to take my parents to Trader Joe's, LLBean, Talbots and maybe Marshalls/TJ Maxx (one is next door the plaza with the other shops). Then Saturday is MA Sheep and Wool and a Webs visit. Sunday and Monday I plan to do nothing. I usually plant my flowers Sunday but will probably put that off a week or two. I am not in a rush.
I put together some yarn to start an Ulmus Shawl once as the work shawl is done. I can't wait to start it. That should be incentive to finish one up.


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