Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pluie Soap Holder

This was a Berocco freebie. Was a quick knit and will be a b-day gift for a co-worker. I plan to make a few more for a few more co-workers. It's good to use up an extra skein or two in the stash.

I went to CT Sheep and Wool on Saturday. For the first time, I brought along my mother. Both of my parents have been going to Rhinebeck with me. They like the cooking demonstrations there. In CT, my mother and I spent a little over an hour there and then went to a yarn shop on the way home. At the fair, I bought a skein of Ball and Skein lace yarn and a Knitspot pattern. I also bought 4 bars of soap, a skein of Foxhill Farm and a fair t-shirt. I thought I bought another skein but that may have been at the yarn shop.

I have been working on my languishing projects. My plan is to have a few projects only going and one in each category. My categorys so far are Adult Sweater, Lace (triangular or rectangular shawls), baby/child (sweaters or blankets) and small item (mostly work projects which can include hats, mittens, scarfs, etc.). I am hoping that may be it but I may add one more category but I am not sure what it will be, gift is one option to try to fit in extra gifts. I'm hoping this will let me work in one of the many sweaters in my queue for me.

Right now, I have on the needles a baby sweater (the one out of the acrylic for the co-worker), a Fiddlesticks aran weight shawl, a lace shawl (work project till it gets too large), a lace scarf (future work project), another shawl/wrap (from a November class I took) and some catnip mice that are done but I need to find them and stuff them. Once as the baby sweater is done, I am mailing it off with another one I finished and then I am taking a break till at least the end of July.

It feels good to be finishing up the old projects, some were never entered on Ravelry and it is good to have them done or getting closer to being done.


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