Monday, April 20, 2009

Tucson Wrap

This is Tucson from Manos Wool Clasica 9 book The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Apple Green. It took 2 skeins (I don't think there was more than a yard or so left). I had 3 and was happy not to have to even touch the 3rd. It is knit like a smaller narrow shawl and then there is the button added. It was a fun knit for Malabrigo March.

I also finished another Calorimetry but probably won't post that. I now have 2 of them done for Xmas gifts for next year. I am happy to have some knitting done ahead.
I am now making a quick soap holder for my boss's birthday in early May. A quick use of a skein of stash yarn. I plan about 2 or 3 more of these and will put a few away for gifts and the rest to my mothers church fair. I want to try a few stitch patterns with some of them.
I also have a top down cardigan on the needles for my friend who sent me all the acrylic. I think I am about done with what I want to do with the white acrylic. The plan is to put aside 2 skeins for another baby blanket and some leftovers to make a striped sweater. I am going to ask her is she wants the rest back or if I can donate it where I donate all my leftover yarn. So far, it has made a baby blanket, a short sleeved sweater, then the sweater on the needles and then what I what to do with the other skeins. I think I will still have about 4 skeins left and I just can't knit with white anymore. I am tense when knitting it as I am so afraid of getting it dirty. I have had smudges of something on the yarn twice where I have ripped out what I was knitting to get rid of it.


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