Monday, April 06, 2009

Tessa - RIP

Tessa - @ 10 years old. She passed away last night at home. She had been sick for a few months. Not sure what exactly as she had been going to the vet monthly and then weekly at the end. Blood tests, xrays, ultra sounds. Vet thought Hepatitis, then not. She had thyroid problems, mange a few years ago. There were some sort of kidney or liver issues. We were planning to have her put to sleep in March but it was the week of my birthday and I veto'd that idea as I wanted my niece to have the chance to say goodbye. My father took her to her weekly Monday visit (the one that was planned to put her to sleep) and the vet wanted to try one more thing. Some sort of steroid, she perked right back up, was back to her old self. Back to doing everything she liked to do. She took a turn for the worse on Friday and we made the decision to have her put down today at her weekly visit but she passed instead last night at home.

I got her when she was a few years old and she was a very happy dog. Loved cookies and being wherever in the house I was. If I wasn't home, she followed my father around and became his shadow. I know he will miss her just as much as I will.