Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kayla and a little knitting

This is Kayla, the younger kitten. She will be one in June. This was taken in the middle of January. She must weigh twice what Juliet, the older kitten weighs.

Knitting is happening at home but no pictures. I have the front and back of the little white tee out of acrylic done. I changed it to have a real placket as the pattern has a fake one. I am also knitting the sleeves from the cuff up instead of from the body down like the pattern. I made a small hem section on the bottoms of the body and want to do that on the sleeves.

Other than that, my Tucson shawl/wrap is done and blocking out of Malabrigo worsted. I am still working on a Calorimetry and hope to finish that before the end of the month.

My work project hasn't moved at all as we have been very busy at work and I have worked through my lunch and an hour after work to get work done. I would rather have no lunch than to stay even later every day. Tomorrow should be a normal day so I should get out on time and may even have a lunch hour.

I signed up for my Knitting Retreat this weekend and they tempted me with some Prism Lace (I think that it what it is from memory). I spent hours on Ravelry looking it up and seeing what people have done with it. I haven't bought it yet but if I do, I have a few patterns picked out that it will work with.


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