Monday, January 26, 2009


My niece gave me a bulb kit for Xmas. It now has 4 buds, the picture is of 2 that have flowered and there are two more that will be blooming soon. One within a day or two and then the other one a few days (I think) after that. Very pretty. I have never tried to grow one before.

I have been doing some knitting, finished a scarf and a cowl. One I have to write up the pattern for and the other was a pattern I found on Ravelry. I then did a commission for 5 plain cowls which I always say I would never do. I gave what I thought was a high quote (probably not if I figured it out) but she said ok and it was a weak moment and I was picturing 5 Malabrigo cowls, just knitting round and round, easy as can be. Then she said no wool, just acrylic. Okay, so I used up 8 skeins (wool/acrylic/cotton blends) in the stash to make the 5, really I made 6 and gave her the choice of the 5 she wanted. She's happy, I'm happy. Now back to knitting what I want.

I really need to plug away on finishing my mother's sweater. But, it has been a tough week or so and I haven't been sleeping well and my hands are hurting. I have to go to the dr and find out what it is. I was planning on going anyway to just talk about vitamins and other stuff that may interact with some new medication so now I will add this in (not sure if it could be the medication itself). I don't think it is carpal tunnel as I have been through the neurologist already a few years ago. I hope it is not arthritis as my mother has that in her back and hands.