Sunday, May 18, 2008

A little knitting

This is the start of a Knitting Pure and Simple Henley sweater for my nephew. This one is being made out of some Lion Brand Woolease. A co-worker from about 5 years ago (company has since closed and we both ended up layed off), gave it to me after her MIL bought it online, didn't like the color and didn't want to send it back. She knew I knit so gave it to me. I have been saving it to make something for my nephew. I love these patterns and have made a few of them. My mother announced that she would like another cardigan so I dug out some patterns (and found many more that I now want to knit) and she picked one out. It is the Knitting Pure and Simple V-neck cardigan so I looked through my stash book and showed her one choice. She approved it so that will be in the queue for her November birthday. I also took out the yarn that I want to use to make myself Bianca's Cardigan from Interweave Fall 2005.

My lunch knitting is stil the lace scarf though I also started a Clementine Shawlette (also from Interweave but Spring 2007 issue). I am using some Laines Du Nord Giunco that I had originally bought to make my mother a modular vest. I have 3 different dye lots of it and have split it up to become the shawlette, a baby sweater and then the rest maybe some charity hats or I can donate the leftover yarn to a nursing home in town that has a small room set up like a yarn shop.
With the gas prices, I haven't yet decided if I will go to MA Sheep and Wool this weekend. I have been doing a little online retail therapy and most of it has arrived but I do have a package or two left to come. I really want to go to WEBS though as I found a sweater that I want to make in their catalog and I want to pick up the kit for it. I have the week to decide and can always just stay home and do some online shopping.


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