Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lambs Pride Hat FO

The second hat for my baby gift for the shower on Monday. This is one of my favorite patterns to knit. It keeps me interested.

Hanami is now blocking and I should be able to get a good picture next weekend. I also finished the Show Your Colors Shawl and hope to block that tomorrow if I have enough of the foam blocking blocks left since Hanami is on 3 of them.
I cast on today for the Diamond Fantasy Scarf by Sivia Harding. I am using Malabrigo lace weight and I love it. Ihave two more colors in the stash somewhere and will have to dig them out to see what else I can make.
My queue in Ravelry is filled with lace and I just keep adding more. After I finish the baby sweater that is on the needles, I really have to start a sweater for my nephew. I was hoping to have one done for him for graduation in June but his birthday is in September so as long as it is done by then, that will be fine. I haven't picked out a pattern yet but have a few ideas of sweaters that I want to knit and I will pick one of them for him.
Gust is now my work project and I manage a repeat and a half (more or less) at lunch every day. Sometimes I am chatting too much and have to tink back a row but it is getting longer every day. I am done with 16 repeats and it calls for 24 but I think I will go longer as I have more yarn than the pattern calls for and it is fun to knit.


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