Friday, February 22, 2008

A Gust, and a Snow Day

Pictured are the first two repeats of Gust. I am now on repeat 7 or 8. I messed up once right after the first two repeats (knit the wrong row) but now have settled into a routine of doing one repeat of Gust (at least) and then working about 10 rows on Hanami every night. I am now reading the knitting better though in a multicolor yarn it isn't always easy. I do plan to make a solid one also. I am going to order Gale today and after seeing Obstacles on Ravelry I am going to pick up that pattern, too. I think I already own most of her patterns already but I have been finding a few that I just didn't pick up yet.
We have a snow day from work so I hope to work on Gust and Hanami today after I get through my emails and bloglines from the past 2 days.


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