Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A couple more FO's

The top one is the Karita Scarf by Berocco and that is the only decent picture I can get of it. That is the edge of the scarf. You start with about 4 inches, then the cable, then you knit straight. I knit both sides up to the cable, then just knit them both till I was almost out of yarn and then kitchenered them together. The yarn is Berocco Ultra Alpaca.

The bottom is a baby blanket out of Paton's Canadiana. It is from an old Learn to Knit book that I have had for many, many years. All of my cousins get one when they are expecting. I started making them years ago when I was unemployed and one of my cousins was pregnant. Now they all expect a "Suzi Blanket" when a little one arrives.

I am plugging along on Hanami and have moved into the Cherry Blossoms section. I have a picture of the basketweave that I was going to post but then I finished the blanket so that will get posted in a few days.

I was in NYC yesterday for a meeting at "We Love New York Day". A 3 hour bus ride in, meetings and lunch (Our big boss was an award recipient) more meetings, then a 3 hour bus ride home. It is a free day from work but it gets tiring as I left my house at 6 AM to catch the 6:30 bus we hired and I got back in the house at about 7:50 PM. Traffic was miserable and I don't know if it was worse due to the Giant's parade or just that we were at a different hotel in Manhattan.


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