Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hanami, the end is near.

Here are the ending lace repeats on Hanami. I am now on the ruffle and should finish today or tomorrow. The plan is to block it on Saturday or Friday night if I have time. That bonus snow day on Friday really pushed me along. Now that I am almost done, I am so sorry to be done. I really enjoyed it once as I got to the Cherry Blossom section.

I don't plan to start another shawl until I finish the Spunky Eclectic Show Your Colors shawl that I also have on the needles. It is triangular and I am on the last stockinette section and then just have a lace section to go on that. Each row seems to take forever which is why I think I put it aside for awhile.

I also have two baby gifts to finish up, one a hat has to be done this week to get wrapped for a shower at work which is supposed to be March 3rd. The other is a baby sweater that really doesn't have to be done till late April or May so I am just knitting it on weekend mornings. I want to finish a felted bag which I started a year ago. It was put aside for other projects. It is the Roll The Dice bag from an issue of Creative Knitting. I only needed to buy one skein of yarn to make it so I thought it would be fun and it used up some stash yarn.

Gust is also on the needles and I try to do a repeat a day on that. It is a fun knit and I am enjoying it a lot.


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