Sunday, April 24, 2005

Whitby is done, done, done. I started it in May of 2003 and finished it today. I made the sleeve cuffs and the neck collar shorter than the pattern but I love the way it looks. I did learn that I need new lighting in the den to knit with dark purple.

The second Dale baby hat is done and delivered to the Grandma who delivered it to the baby's parents. It is for next winter and I made it in the largest size. Fun project on number 3 needles. I still have to start the baby sweater on those tiny needles but haven't yet.

I got my pictures back on Friday with a picture disk so I will be adding my niece's sweater to my web page probably next weekend when I get around to up loading the disk and playing with all the pictures. None of Whitby yet, though.

I still have to order the computer so I can get the new digital working. I am now debating a cheap desktop and a laptop. I keep talking to people who say it might be cheaper to get a new laptop than to get the old one fixed and updated. If I do get two new ones, I will load all my nephew's games on the old laptop and they (the niece and nephew) can just play games on it and type reports, then they would just need a cheap printer to print them out. Their mother has a new laptop and they fight over it and my nephew usually just uses it for games. Such a waste of money as it only worked for a year and then no longer let me go online. I can sometimes get online with juno but not for long and not with any other provider. Decision, decisions. The desktop is going into the cellar for my nephew to use plus I don't feel like moving everything I have saved onto something else. This way it will still be available and if I don't bother with it in 2 years, I can just empty the old desktop and get rid of it.

Today I started the Bolero and the sweater for my nephew. Just cast on for the Bolero and have knit a few rows on my nephews. I still have my mothers scarf on the needles for lunch knitting but another two weeks and that will be all done.


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