Sunday, March 27, 2005

My nieces sweater is done, done, done. Yippee. She tried it on today before I did the neck and I finished the neck about a minute after she left. She came back for her purse but I didn't give it to her. She will get it Tuesday night after I get to take a few pictures of it and put it in the tote bag that I had it in (she wanted the tote, so she can have it with the sweater). I can then start hunting for a new knitting bag. Not that I need one, I have about 10 that I use on and off. I guess I am still hunting for the perfect one. Plus, I need one for each project that I have going on. Right now that is only two, but I plan to start more soon.

My gansey is still going along. I haven't caught up to where I was before I discovered the wrong size needle because I was concentrating on my neices sweater.

I plan to start a baby sweater soon. It will be a Dale pattern that I have all ready to go. I have two that I really like, one is all stockinette and will be easier to do. The other is moss stitch and cabling which may be harder on the hands. Have to decide which one I really want to do.

I went to my favorite YS Saturday. I was going to spend the gift certificate that my sister gave me but I didn't. I did buy the Flower Basket shawl pattern (I do have that issue of IK but wanted the additional yarn weights) and two skeins of sport weight to make a small one and see how I like it. I plan to make that my lunch knitting once as I finish the Koigu scarf.

That's about it. My parents bought me Dark Chocolate for Easter plus the Kohl's stuffed sheep that was $5 for charity. It is bigger than I thought it was going to be and very soft and cuddly.

Still no computer but definately by the end of April. I am moving closer to ordering and figuring out where the old one will go so my nephew can still play his games.


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