Thursday, January 06, 2005

Long time, no post. My mothers Gedrifa scarf was done in time. My fathers scarf was done in time. On December 21st or so, I decided that my nephew needed the cover scarf from FCEK to go with his Doubleknitski hat. I finished weaving in the ends Xmas morning. On January 2, I finished most of the body of my neices sweater. It still needs a neckline and the sleeves have been started. I ended up cutting a picture of the sweater out of an ad, and tyeing a piece of the yarn around it. I put it in a square jewelry sized box and wrapped it up. She knew she was getting one but didn't know what it was going to look like or what color it was.

I have also sneeked in something for me. I had a want for a felted hat, why I don't know as I never wear hats. But, I went off to Yarns Down Under in Deep River, CT and bought a pattern and yarn plus some sock yarn to use for the scarf that goes around the hat. I wore that hat today while outside cleaning the snow off of my car and trying to get my father out of the mud that he stuck himself in. I also bought Stitch and Bitch Nation after the owner of the shop thanked me for mentioning her in it. I had forgotten all about emailing the writer of the book when she was looking for info on favorite yarn shops. The scarf is now my lunch knitting and is about half done.

Next up for work knitting is going to be Clapotis, I hope. I have the yarn ready and waiting out of the stash. After my nieces sweater is done, I will finish up Whitby. Claudia of Countrywool has another gorgeous Gansey on her original pattern pages and that may be in the future some time.


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