Sunday, January 23, 2005

Well, I am plugging along on Clapotis. My only problem so far is my own reading of the pattern. Plus, it is curling a lot. I really hope that the blocking will help this. I am using a Wool in the Woods wool/something blend. It is really nice. I also have two more yarns ready to go for another or something else.

I have been slowly working on the sleeves for my nieces sweater. About 6 inches done now but I am enamoured with Clapotis and just can't stop. Really must work on more, maybe during the games today.

Now, I couldn't resist this.

Grooming Products
Shampoo-Back to Basics, whichever type I ended up with.
Moisturizer-none, really have to find one. I have some in the house, just haven't tried them yet.
Cologne-Amazing Grace by Philosphy when I remember to put it on. Used to wear Tresor by Lancome.
Razor-whatever is cheapest when I am shopping.

Cell phone-an older Ericcson, time to shop for a new one.
Computer-Compaq desktop and laptop, neither really work, shopping for new soon.

Sheets-Old flannel right now with deer on them.
Coffee-maker-don't drink coffee
Car-Chevy Tracker
Stationery-whatever is around, usually with sheep on them made by the local School for the Deaf and bought at Wool Connection in Avon, CT.


Bottled water-Any

Jeans-Whatever fit
Briefcase or tote-A bag I got from the company that layed me off, never used it then, now I carry it to work every day (it has their logo on it and all employees got one for the company's 10th anniversay). Knitting in felted totes or cheap tote bags.
Watch-Today, a Timex, also have a drawer full of others, love watches.

Favorite Places
My parents cottage by a lake in CT, around my aunts in VT, a LYS (usually Yarns Down Under in Deep River, CT).

Necessary Extravagance
Yarn, and supplies. Sappy, romance type books. Chocolate.


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