Friday, September 10, 2004

A little knitting....

I have been mostly knitting on my nephews sweater. Most of the knitting and placket are done. I had made the hem to armhole a half inch too short and had him try it on and he really needs the extra length. So, last night I chopped of the bottom hem which was in a contasting worsted weight yarn (the sweater is in a chunky weight) and picked up stitches and tinked it back. I am now about to re-knit the hem again. My nephew's b-day is Wednesday (the 15th) and I told him it might not be done. He said "Christmas is coming", I said "it will be a little late".

I start a new temp job on Monday so I have to find something tomorrow morning that I can work on at lunch. Most of what I am working on is too large to carry around. Not sure what I want to work on, though.


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