Saturday, November 13, 2004

I have about 8 inches done on the body of my nieces sweater. I hope to finish the body by the end of November or early December. I am using some Brown Sheep Naturespun in Artic Turquoise (i think that's the name) and am using a Green Mountain Spinnery pattern. It is a ribbed turtleneck pattern but I will put a different neckline on it as my niece doesn't like turtlenecks.

My nephew's doubleknitski hat is done. My work lunch knitting is now a scarf for my niece out of some Berocco Chinchilla Colors in a nice blue shade. I went to a sale at Country Yarns in Wallingford, CT last weekend. They have rented another storefront and use it just for sale yarns and it is open when they have an extra person available to work there. I bought the Berocco there plus some Montera in 3 different colors plus about 24 magazines/patterns that they had 3 for a buck. I am using a purl 2, knit 5 pattern on the scarf just like one I made years ago out of Furz yarn. Next up on the lunch knitting list will be two scarfs for my mother, one out of some La Gran (also picked up at the sale) and another out of some Gedrifa Chenille looking stuff and one of the skeins of Montera.

I still have to make my hairdresser and myself a pair of felted mittens. I have the yarn and pattern ready, just need to sit down and knit them up. They are on size 11 needles so don't take too long. Maybe that will be my Thanksgiving day knitting.

I finally got my size 7 needles in the mail but that will wait till my nieces sweater is done. I also ordered some very pretty Spiced Wine Peruvian wool from Elann last week and was surprised that it showed up at my door 3 or 4 days after I ordered it. I was expecting it a little later. I am so tempted to get more to make a ribbie cardie.

I haven't been online much, working, reading, annoyed about the election though having Scott Peterson found guilty cheered me up a little bit. We have snow on the ground and it is just too early for that. The sun is out and hopefully, by Monday it will just be a memory.


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