Sunday, November 28, 2004

I have been plugging along on Christmas gifts. A scarf for my niece out of the Berocco Chinchilla Colors is done. This weekend (started yesterday, finished today) a hat on size 15 needles for my father. Washed it this afternoon as it was out of a lanolin feeling wool. It is now drying downstairs with the felted mittens for my hairdresser that I finished earlier and got around to felting on Friday. I also knit up a scarf out of the La Gran for my mother and finished it in front of her while we watched the Grinch Friday night. It is a simple stockinette stitch scarf that I tied a knot in each end like a scarf in Weekend Knitting. I used a different amount of stiches as I only had two skeins of yarn.

My new work knitting is a scarf for my father out of some strange feeling yarn that sticks to the fingers (or any cracks in the fingers, I should say), very strange feeling to knit. Not as nice feeling as chenille. I still have to make my mothers other scarf but that will be a skinny scarf instead of using the Gedrifa with the Montera. It will just be the Gedrifa in an easy pattern.

I am still on the body of my nieces sweater and there is no hope of finishing the body by Wednesday.

I had 5 library books that I had on order/hold come in at the same time so I spent some time the past week finishing two and still have 3 more to go. Read, knit, read, knit. Plus work in between. My shopping is all done or will be next weekend after the Spinning Guild meeting I am attending. Just need to pick up one thing for my sister and I am done. I won't wrap it till the 23rd or so. Plus, I need to get the Xmas cards going. I only send a few so that won't be too bad.


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