Sunday, February 08, 2004

Well, one sleeve of Banff II is done. I ended up ripping them both out (they were partially done) and added in another color. I put 2 rows of the original color at the beginning, changed to the white I had and then about 10 - 20 rows after the ribbing changed back to the purple. I like the way it works and just cast on for sleeve number two.

I haven't measured my niece yet (maybe tomorrow) or started her hat yet. I have to take a picture of the first one so that she can deliver it to her father and he can wear it while skiing in Italy next week.

I bought some yarn at a LYS today while killing time till the library opened. It is some Sirdar Nova in an olive green and a purple. Have to go through the patterns this week to see what I want to make with it. I have a few ideas but want to decide in case I have to go back and get the last two skeins of the green before they disapear.


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