Sunday, February 22, 2004

I wore my Banff to my knitting guild meeting. It was nice and comfortable. The meeting was held at the local Fabric Place. I used my gift certificate plus some cash to get 14 skeins of some Sirdar Country Style DK. I have been going through my Jo Sharp books and may make something in one of them out of it. It is a olivey yellow color, not sure how to describe it. They had some Jo Sharp yarn in the clearance yarn and the Sirdar was almost a perfect match color-wise.

I only have about 3 - 4 inches done on the Must Have and haven't worked on it in a while. Instead, I have started a sweater for my mother. It is a Reynolds pattern and I have some Classic Elite Artisan in the stash to make the same sweater. The back is done and I am about 2 - 3 inches into the fronts.

I did go back to the LYS last Sunday and bought 2 more skeins of the Nova in Olive and then I found another in the purple. I bought a Maddy Laine pattern (2 actually) and I think I will make one with the yarn. I also bought two other patterns for a yarn that I have never heard of before and I will have to figure out substitutes sometime.


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