Saturday, December 20, 2003

All my Christmas knitting is done. I finished the Lily bag and felted it. I love the way it came out. Not sure I am going to line my mothers, though. I will give it to her for Christmas and then let her decide if she wants a lining. I plan to sew in the lining on my nieces bag tomorrow.

The gifts for my father and nephew are wrapped plus a few of my mothers. Just have to wrap the gifts for my sister and my niece and the rest of my mothers. Plus a bunch of hats for my little cousins but they don't come over till the end of January so I probably won't wrap them till Friday.

I am now knitting a baby blanket for a cousin's baby due in 2004 (April? maybe). If I have time I will make a cardigan to go with it but if time runs out (I give it to his mother to get to him as he lives out of state and they will see him before I will) I will buy a little outfit to go with it. I also plan to make a cardigan for my hairdresser who is due in the spring but I will be seeing her in February before she goes out on maternity leave. The last time she had a baby, I had an appt. to go a week or two before she was due to leave work and then she got put on bed rest early and I ended up getting her gift to her late. I delivered her Xmas gift this week and she called me Friday morning to thank me for her scarf and her daughter's hat. It is nice to knit for people who really enjoy getting a knitted gift.


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