Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Rhinebeck was nice. It was a little cold, a little crowded, but I managed to get most of what I went there for. I got the Knitters Book of Wool and had it autographed. The book and a copy of Wild Fibers came from the Spirit Trail booth. I was also happy to see my friend Shelia who comes from Oregon to work in the booth. I wanted to try some yarn that I hadn't tried before so I bought 2 Knitspot patterns and a skein of Briar Rose yarn (the large orange skein) from that booth. I also made my way into the Brooks Farm booth where I came out with a skein of yarn (the smaller skein).

My parents had a good time. After all the worrying about the weather, it wasn't rainy or snowing so that was good.

Have a couple of finished items to show. One shawl is done and needs to be blocked this weekend. The others are done and put away.

Today was a tough day, we had layoffs at work and 7 people in my office are gone. 5 of them are friends of mine, 2 were lunch buddies as well as friends. I will now be lunching by myself with my knitting. I didn't even go to lunch today, I just couldn't face it. 2 I didn't know that well at all though one of them always stopped to say hi and I will miss her smiling face as she passed by.


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