Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday FO's

Top are the Daisy Chapeau hats for my hairdressers two little girls. Bottom is the baby blanket which will be going in the mail tomorrow. I still have about 8 skeins of that acrylic left so I am planning a few sweaters, a vest and hat and I don't know what else. A sweater or two will be with 2 or more of the strands held together to get a warmer sweater. I was thinking maybe another blanket in an easy basketweave but I want to see how many sweaters I can get out if it and I plan to make varying sizes from 2T to 4T. No rush on those, hope to get 2 in the mail by spring and then maybe make a few more between other projects I want to make.
2009 will be the year of making me at least one sweater, hopefully more as the queue is getting longer and I have the yarn sitting out waiting. Not sure which one will be first. I still have to finish the two top down ones for gifts. I am almost done with one sleeve on my nephews but will have to measure him Tuesday night to see how much more to go. The pattern doesn't say how many stitches you should have for the cuffs so I want to look up a few patterns to see what they have for the cuff stitches.


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