Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhinebeck 2008

We ended up getting there a little before noon. Went in the Main gate for the first time, I usually end up going in the 4H gate. This was the first animal I saw. All my shots other shots of the Kangaroo were of it's butt. There was also a turtle and then there were some Lemurs a little further up. One had a zebra striped tail, I forgot to get a picture when I came through to leave. It was a little chilly and crowded but nice. I managed to get a picture of the 2 sheep by the main gate but that was it. I only saw a few people from a distance, I saw no one to talk to.

I spent less than half my budget. I bought a skein of Decadent Fibers - new to me. It will be the ruffled edging on the Fiddlesticks Shawl I am making. I was on the hunt for the perfect yarn for this so I am very happy to find what I wanted. My other purchases were earrings and stitch markers from the same vendor. We left around 2:30 or so. My only food purchase came from Taste Buds.

I did see some gorgeous sweaters but missed seeing Norma's, Teresa's and Margene's. I saw Risa's from a distance and also caught a glimpse of Anne Hanson (Knitspot).

Next week is Fiber Twist in Greenfield Mass along with a trip to Webs on the way home. I was off Friday and today and have been searching Ravelry for the sweaters I want to make and updating my queue with yarn from the stash for the future projects.


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