Sunday, October 12, 2008

A FO and a WIP

The red scarf in the top photo is my Multidirectional scarf for the Red Scarf Project. The yarn is Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Superwash.
The bottom picture has an explanation. I have a co-worker that I met about 2 years ago or so. She hung around with 2 of my other friends and I when we were at a work retreat. She moved to CT (from NJ) and has since moved to NY state. Her mother in law was a knitter and crocheter who passed away from Pancreatic cancer a year or so ago. My friend had a baby in June and her MIL had been stashing stuff away since they first married. She emailed me with a request to maybe do something with some yarn that they found that she had put away. I had her send it to me. In the box was a started pink sweater of crochet that she had a crocheter friend look at but they couldn't figure the stitch out. I had no idea so I took the half sleeve off that was on it and crocheted a border around the edges and made it into a little vest. Also in the box were about 10 skeins of white acrylic. The blanket is project one out of the yarn. It is a Feather and Fan baby blanket. Fun to knit and I think it will use up 4 or 5 of the skeins. I plan to make a baby hat to go with the vest out of the leftover pink yarn. I also hope to make a baby sweater and hat out of the rest of the white. I know I will have more left and may make her another blanket to put away out of that but that will depend on how much is left.
It has been hard working on it because of the kittens during the week but I manage about 20 rows on it every weekend. Once as I finish my work scarf ( a blue Malabrigo laceweight that I have been working on for over a year) I may start the baby sweater or the pink hat. My plan that I hope for is to get this blanket, vest and a hat in the mail around Thanksgiving. The rest I will work on among other projects.


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