Sunday, September 28, 2008


The tortiouseshell is Juliet, she was born around May 1st. The gray Abysinnian mix is Kayla, she was born around June 1st. They came from a cat rescue group a town away from mine. I had printed about 8 or so kittens and 1 cat off of Petfinder and started poling my parents, my cousins visiting from VT, some co-workers. It came down to the two above, my father liked one, my mother and I the other. I went to meet both and bring one home. I figured I would pick the one that seemed to like me. I couldn't decide and the workers thought maybe two would be better as they may leave the 15 year old male cat alone. So, they both came home. This was on September 2nd and there was much hissing, growling and spitting during the first 24 hours. Now, they sleep together. There is still some fighting, but they clean each other and tend to play with each other and leave the old cat alone. The dog just ignores them. The old cat hasn't been feeling well and I am glad they leave him alone. The vet doesn't know what is going on with him but we are working on it. They have both been to the vet and Juliet had quite a time with some conjunctivitis but is now fine. They will both be getting fixed in November and are now very sweet. My parents love them.

Other than that, for knitting, I am still working on a scarf for the Red Scarf project as my lunch knitting. I have started another Bainbridge for my mother as she liked the first one I made. I may donate mine to her church fair.

The work knitting lunch went well. Two people wanted to learn and one already knew and she came and practiced some more. Two were crocheting. The 78 year old male came and knit along with us. He is from Ireland and has always told me stories of knitting as a child. He wore the hat I made him to the lunch. Other than that, the rest of the people just ate and talked. One that wanted to learn has since gone out and bought a learn to knit book and more needles and yarn as she is determined to master it. We may do it again in a month or so.

I have found a few sweaters I want to make for me and have even bought a button/yarn for one and buttons for another. I have to find the perfect yarn for that one. I even found yarn in the stash for another sweater I like. Now, I just have to finish my nephews and get more done on my mothers.

I do have one more project on the needles but I will have to post a picture and explain it in another post. The story is too long to add to this post.


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