Monday, September 01, 2008

Ravelympics - a partial success

Well, it has been a hard few weeks since Olivia passed away. Thank you for all the comments.
I lost all desire to knit at home and my Ravelympics projects languished. I had signed up for 3 hats and ended up finishing two by knitting at lunch at work and at my parents cottage on the weekends. I went to the cottage earlier each week as it was too hard to be at home. The third hat is still my lunch at work knitting. I have a few co-workers wanting to learn to knit so the last week I have been encouraging one of them at lunch. We are off of our summer hours and back to an hour lunch this week so a few more may come up to lunch to learn to knit.

These two hats are the One Day Beret out of Lime Blue Malabrigo for me. I made it with the most slouchiness but you can't really see it in the picture. The blue hat is a Dean Street hat meant for my nephew but it looks too small so it will go to charity. It is also Malabrigo. I had forgotten that I bought yarn/pattern at MA Sheep and Wool to make him a hat so I will have to knit that one for him for Christmas.

The good new is that I am off tomorrow and am going to visit two little kitties that I found with a rescue group on Petfinder. One is about 9 weeks old and the other is about 14 weeks old. They are both little girls. I have a 15 year old male at home so will only be getting one but I want to meet them before I decide which one is the one. I have spent the weekend at my parents cottage but also shopping for new kitty items.


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