Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

This little squirrel was having a grand time.  The cats were going nuts.  The little squirrel ran along the window edge with only the window separating him/her from the cats. 
The Ten on Tuesday topic for 3/22 is 10 Reasons To Be Glad It's Spring.

1)  Warmer Weather - not having to scrap the car windows every morning.  Well, snow is due tomorrow so more scraping will probably happen.

2)  Sheep Festivals - CT Sheep and Wool in April and MA Sheep and Wool in May.

3)  Popping the sunroof - or in my car, there are two, one pops up and the other slides open.

4)  No more winter coat - will be nice to get the lighter jackets out.

5)  No more hats and mittens - I have started working on a new scarf for next winter to go with the leather gloves my nephew bought me for Xmas.

6)  Flowers - I can see the purple crocus in my neighbors yard from my computer chair.  Right now they are the only pop of color in the flower bed.

7)  Birds - Ma and Pa Cardinal have been in our front tree, so pretty.  Finally saw a Robin over the weekend.

8)  Bunnies - the bunnies should be coming back out soon.  The turkeys at work have already been coming around but not the bunnies yet.

9)  Sitting outside - last year I bought a screen house type thing and a nice new chair but never set them up.  This year I plan to use them.

10)  Walking - I bought new walking shoes and plan to start walking at the high school track again.


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