Sunday, April 10, 2011

Annis FO

Here's my Annis from Knitty in some Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in the Viola colorway.  A very fun knit.  It's hard to see the beads on it and was hard to get the color to photograph correctly.  This is close.  These short rows were much easier after doing them when knitting Caireen.

The Monkey Bread Scarf is now blocking.  Lunch knitting will become the matching hat.  I think it is going to be too small so I ordered 2 more skeins and will also make it again with larger needles when this one is done.  The cardigan is slow going, I ended up with just one buttonhole and will save the extra button for something else.  I have been so tired at night that I have only been doing about 2 rows a night. 

I plan to start a childs vest out of some Tahki Safari that I had stashed to make for my niece (I think).  She's now 22 so that won't work out but I do know a 5 year old that will probably like it.  Should be a quick knit.  I searched through some old patterns last week to find it as I knew I had it all stashed away.  It is fun to look through the old books and there are some sweaters that I now need to look at again to see if something in the stash would work.  I also took 2 more yarns out of the stash for near future knitting. 

The spinning wheel is upstairs now in the dining room, I need to dust off the bag it's in and maybe set it up next weekend.


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