Monday, July 10, 2006

Yarns Down Under Retreat 2006 - Part One

I spent this weekend at the Yarns Down Under knitting retreat at the Cave Hill Resort in Moodus, CT. It was a nice, peaceful, weekend filled with fun and knitting.

I arrived right after noon on Friday and unloaded the car and then went to hang out with the other knitters. We started by decorated a foam cozy and flip flops. The clear bag was a goody bag that all campers received and we used up some of the decorations on them by the end of the weekend on Sunday afternoon. I don't have a good picture of the flip flops but they are decorated with fuzzy yarn.

In the afternoon we learned to make knitted necklaces. I will show a picture of that in a week or so when I did out my clasps and finish my necklace a little differently than the campers. Some made eyeclass chains and others made of the head necklaces. I want mine a little shorter so I am digging out my clasps and finishing it that way.

There was also a trunk show with Berocco bags and I now have kits to make two bags.


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