Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Yarn Dyeing

The blue/greeen skein is a lace weight skein from Yarn2Dye4. I used the turkey roaster and Cushing Dyes in Turquoise Green and Turquise Blue. The picture doesn't really show the difference in the colors. I did half of the skein in the Turquise Blue and then did half in the Turquise Green. For a while, I had the whole skein in the turquise green. I really like this skein and it is going to be the Adagio shawl by Candice Eisner Strick.

Emily asked about what I used to Dye Becky's yarn which is the picture with two skeins in it. Becky has a better picture of the colors. I used Cushing's Dyes. I bought Mahogany, Maize, Scarlet and Crimson. I don't remember which red I used in the multi skein. I used a turkey roaster and balanced the yarn not being dyed on some wood that sat on top of the roaster. I should have re-skeined the yarn but I was afraid that I would get it snarled up. I do have a few more skeins to play with and I want to try re-skeining one to see how it works. I plan to use the dye I have left to try to do another multi skein like that for me.

I had extra natural colored roving around so I ended up putting that in each dyepot to try to exhaust some of the dye. So, now I have some pretty roving to spin up. One didn't really come out that good so I just may re-use that as a tool to try to get the colors to exhaust out of the pot. I was planning on taking notes and pictures but I got caught up in the dyeing and ended up not taking any pictures or notes.


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