Monday, May 29, 2006

Cummington 2006 Post 2

This is some tencel yarn that I bought from Just Our Yarn. It came in two weights and they were given in setts for weaving as far as I know. But, they had two different Tencel yarns, one that came in a 525 yard skein and one that was a 1000 or a little over. The prize was right, $19 a skein so I bought one of the 525 yard ones. It also says 5/2 which is something to do with the weight of the yarn. I plan to make a shawl, it feels wonderful. I also bought the two patterns show and dyed some of the yarn I bought online through Yarns2Dye4, half a skein yesterday and the other half is dyeing today to make one of the shawls.


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