Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yarns Down Under Retreat 2006 - Part II

My favorite yarn purchase was this yarn from Tidal Yarns. I bought two skeins, the one on the left to make my mother a scarf/shawl and the one on the right to make me a shawl. The owner used a picture of her yarn as a type of business card with her contact info on the back. I have the picture leaning against my monitor and I just love to look at the colors of her yarn.

The books and bag are my favorite none yarn purchase. The books are a fabric covered index card book and a small yellow pad cover. The bag is a small tote bage probably big enough for a lace project or socks or something else small. I have asked the women who made it to make me a large knitting bag with similar fabrics. I love, love the colors.

I also bought a skein of mhair yarn from Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets and some stitch markers that I am going to use as pendants from a women who makes jewelry.


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