Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Your Ten on Tuesday topic for this week is 10 Thoughts on the 2014 Winter Olympics.
I enjoy watching them when I can.  We only have basic cable so don't get to watch a lot of the events unless they are on the local NBC station and maybe curling and some women's hockey that's on other channels.

The events I try to catch and watch the most are:
1)  Downhill Skiing
2)  Cross Country Skiing and the Nordic Combined
3)  Biathalon
4)  Skeleton and Luge
5)  Bobsled
6)  Speed Skating - the long events
7)  Ski Jumping

I don't really watch any figure skating or the new skiing (Xgame) type events unless I don't find anything else to watch and then they are just background noise while I'm knitting.  I don't watch the mens hockey as I don't want to watch a bunch of pro athletes.  I enjoyed it much better when it was college students.  (I also don't watch tennis or basketball in the summer games for the same reason).

The other things I watch are:
8)  the stories on the athletes
9)  the stories on things that happen in the area like the one on the nesting dolls.
10)  Curling - but only in short batches as I find it interesting but not enough to watch a whole match.  Usually want to check out the outfits and a little bit of it.

I thought the whole Bob Costas thing was strange and just wonder what he touched over there but then again, I really don't want to know.


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