Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Your Ten on Tuesday topic for this week, in honor of Valentine's Day and February being Heart Health Month is 10 Favorite Things that are Red.

1)  Red Peppers
2)  Red Delicious Apples
3)  My red American Heart Association You're the Cure pen - it writes nice and I really like it.
4)  My red sweater that I wore on the 7th for Wear Red Day.
5)  My red velvety shirt I wore for Xmas.
6)  My Burgundy Red Ryka shoes.
7)  Red Flowers - every year I have a giraffe planter and 3 diamond shaped planters on our front porch.  The colors are decided by what looks good when I'm shopping.  We have red tulips in the garden and had these red flowers one year.
8)  My red earrings that are in the shape of a flower that I bought in VT on a knitting guild day trip years ago.
9)  The red wheel on my Ladybug wheel.
10)  Not anything healthy but I love the burgundy red of my father's car.  They didn't have one that color when I was looking or I'd be driving one.


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