Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

I have no pictures to go with this week's Ten on Tuesday topic so I have resorted to a cute sheep from Rhinebeck 2013.

Your Ten on Tuesday topic for 1/21 is 10 Favorite Breakfast Foods.  Yum breakfast foods, even good for dinner.

1)  Cheerios - this is my weekday and Saturday breakfast.
2)  Pancakes - this is our Sunday Breakfast.
3)  Belgian Waffles - these used to alternate Sunday's with the pancakes.
4)  French Toast - this I get when at knitting camp, alternating with pancakes.
5)  Scrambled Eggs - usually get these when on vacation at a hotel/motel or as dinner when I'm in the mood for them.
6)  Fried Eggs - I sometimes have these for lunch on a weekend.
7)   Eggs on Toast - sometimes these are dinner.
8)  Omelets - usually when eating breakfast out but sometimes for a weekend dinner.
9)  Bagels - usually vacation breakfast if I don't see anything else I want.
10)  Egg Sandwich/Wraps from Dunkin Donuts - these aren't always breakfast, sometimes lunch when traveling.


At 5:58 PM, Blogger Linda said...

I love to eat breakfast foods for dinner! There is just something so simple and fun about it. It is nice to come home on a cold day and have some scrambled eggs (with tons of cheese!!

Linda in VA


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