Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

According to Carole, "we're going to try something different this week, instead of a topic for Ten on Tuesday, I invite you to write 10 sentences that start with "I am . . . " As in, I am tired. You can elaborate on each sentence or just leave the sentences to speak for themselves."

1)  I am tired..sorry to steal that one Carole but it's true.
2)  I am patiently waiting for the Olympics to start.  Winter Olympics are my favorite-there are so many fun sports to watch.
3)  I am tired of snow even though it's pretty once I'm safely at home.
4)  I am addicted to playing games on the Kindle Fire every night.  Usually Freecell Solitaire and Reball Pro.
5)  I am happy with my Honda CRV, it is pretty and fun to drive.
6)  I am trying to get my knitting projects down to only 4 at a time - a sweater, socks, a shawl and then one project that can be a gift knit or another of one of the other 3 or just some project that I must cast on.
7)  I am trying to spin more in small batches.  My old way was to spin 4 ounces in one day and then ply but my hands would hurt so badly from my marathon session.  Now I want to spin maybe 2 ounces the most in one day.  If I spin 2 weekends a month that is good for me.
8)  I am currently reading Maggie Sefton's Cast On Kill Off - I wait till they come out in paperback and then I wait to read them as once as I'm done, I want the next one but it isn't out yet.
9)  I am trying to get through my large stacks of books but I keep buying more.
10)  I am still getting up weekdays at 5:30 to do exercise tapes.  Have been doing it since July with only a rare weekday off.


At 6:48 PM, Blogger Linda said...

I can totally relate to the buying of books!

Linda in VA


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