Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 7/16 is 10 Ways to Beat the Heat!  This is the lake at the camp.  It's called lake Mini Ha Ha and they have paddle boats for it.

1)  Stay in an air conditioned room and knit, read or just relax.
2)  Go in the pool - we don't have a pool and we were near a gorgeous pool at knitting camp but no one in our group went in.  I think next year, we are going to all sit on the edge with our feet in and knit.
3)  Drink a nice refreshing glass of water, iced tea or lemonade.
4)  Have some nice cold ice cream.
5)  Enjoy a refreshing smoothie - I won a Starbucks Giftcard at camp and plan to get some smoothies with it.
6)  Go to a Yarn shop and enjoy the AC while you shop.
7)  Go hang out in a bookstore.
8)  Go shopping - grocery, clothing, anything to get to a nice air conditioned store.
9)  Sit outside in a shady area and read or knit.
10)  Take a ride with the AC going.


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