Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here's my Gretel hat.  It had just come off the plate I was blocking it on.  It's Malabrigo Worsted in the Mineral Red colorway.  It was a fun knit with all the cables.  I have one skein left that may become mittens for next year.  The hat will be put away with the 5th Ave Infinity Scarf for next winter and hopefully the mittens will be knit in the fall.

Lunch knitting is now Caireen and I manage 2 -3 rows during my hour lunch depending if there is a cable row that day.  Hopefully, it will be done by the end of March, that is the goal if not a few days sooner.

I have about 6 rows left of Theodora the mystery shawl and hope to bind off on Tuesday night.  Wednesday night starts the new knit a long for Criminal Minds.

The Silk Diamond Scarf will be picked up again.  As of right now, I have Friday off from work and I plan to visit the YS to get the project back on track.  Even if I just do one Diamond a week among other projects, it will eventually get done.

I want to start a sweater and a pair of socks and will probably do that as soon as Caireen is done.  Not sure what sweater but I know the socks will probably be the Jelly Bean socks from a Green Mountain Spinnery Book that have been wound up and waiting for awhile now.

I would like to take a shawl break but I just keep adding them to my queue and favorites on Ravelry.  Hopefully, starting a sweater and socks will keep me from adding a new shawl to the needles.


At 2:41 PM, Blogger Cheryl S. said...

Very pretty! I love the color.


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